How to Make Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad is the side dish you should be making and bring to your next potluck. This dish is a lighter, lower carb alternative to potato salad that will compliment any barbecue. Cucumbers are definitely in season, so this is a great use for those. This salad is creamy, cool and comforting. And not only that, this salad only has a few ingredients and it’s super easy to prepare. I’m going to show you just how quick it is.

This is a great time to use that mandolin that you have that you might not use very often. This way you can get nice, thin, even slices of cucumber. Today, I’m just gonna use an English cucumber, but this will work with any cucumber. But if you don’t have a mandolin, don’t worry, you can just thinly slice it with your knife. You still get that comforting, creamy flavor from potato salad, but without all those carbs and everybody’s into that.

A little king or queen?

Next, you’re going to use a thinly sliced sweet onion, which are also in season during the summer. This will add great flavor to the salad. You can slice this on your mandolin or use a knife. This salad is easy, but it does take a minute because this next step is pretty crucial. Next, we just add our cucumber and sweet onion to a colander and add a little bit of salt. The salt is going to help draw out all the water. Then we’re going to pat it dry later. Getting all the water out beforehand is going to keep your dressing from getting watery later.

We’re going to let this sit for about an hour and you can toss it in between to be sure all that water draws out. Well, lucky for you, I’ve already done one. So, they’ve been soaking for about an hour just with a little bit of salt and you can see in here all the water that has just dripped out. Nobody wants watery salad. So, I’m also going to pat these dry on some paper towel. While those dry up a little bit, let me show you how easy this dressing is to make.

It’s just a little bit of sour cream. You can also use Greek yogurt, if you want more of that tzatziki flair. A little bit of rice vinegar, fresh dill, of course, and chives, and a little more salt. That’s it. Then we’re gonna add our cucumbers and toss.

I feel like I’m always looking for something different that’s not the typical potato salad or cole slaw to bring to a barbecue or a friend’s house or whatever, and this is the perfect dish. It’s just that easy. Now we’re going to serve it up, just pour it into a serving bowl. Not only is this a great side dish, but it’s perfect to just keep it in your fridge for snacking. We’ll garnish with a little more fresh dill, and of course some black pepper. That’s it. This is the dish you need to make for your next party. Not only is it delicious, but it’s super easy and cool as a cucumber.